The role of social media in the political divide

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How do we explain to our children that the foundation of American democracy was threatened by its own citizens and the president did nothing to deescalate the situation? Yesterday, the dystopian futures revered in the likes of Divergent, The Hunger Games, and The Handmaid’s Tale came to our doorstep. Testing the limits of complicity, a group of rioters in support of President Trump sieged the Capitol in an attempted coup against the declaration that Joe Biden legally won the November 2020 presidential election. …

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There is a temporary euphoria in knowing your feelings are validated by a medical professional and given a name. But that knowledge quickly turns to a state of grief knowing that you are ill and that the illness may never fully go away or you could face a relapse.

To say you’re depressed is one thing, but to admit you’re mentally ill is another. I had an inkling that I was depressed since the spring of my junior year and to this day, that feeling has never completely gone away. I have persistent depressive disorder (PDD), formally known as dysthymia…

A response to Buzzfeed’s ‘My Depression Is Like Having a Bad Dog’.

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At sixteen, I learned first hand what depression and anxiety were. Struggling with not crying every day in the school bathrooms and going through fits of anxiety and panic attacks became a temporary norm. The people around me were empathetic enough, assuming I had let them in on my situation. Very few knew the truth. At my high school, only my homeroom advisor and the school counselor were aware of what was going on with me, and through my confiding — I was referred to therapy. There, I grew to trust a complete stranger with listening to all my emotional…

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Just yesterday the moon was full

It’s light, a warm yellow glow

The sky lit with stars so picturesque, and calm

Two days ago, the snow fell like glitter in the air

The laughs and small-talk of people passing by

Perplexed by Nature and her clear blue skies

I’d like to think that this place isn’t just a bubble

The place I’ve lived my life for the past year and a half

I don’t want it to fade into forgetful memories

As this merry-go-round comes to a halt, and I -

get off

A week from now, I’ll be back…

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As of late November, I have been an extra on both a movie and television show with contrasting experiences. The first was a volunteer gig on an indie film called ‘The Solstice’ directed by Patrick Naples which follows the story of Giovanni, a young man, who moves to a big city in search of himself to the unknown delight of someone else. With no context of the film’s plot beyond that, I arrived on location one evening in late September, ready to be bloodied and be part of a rave scene. …

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I truly believe that gender is a social construct used by society to organize and classify aspects of our everyday lives. After all, how is that doctors can classify a person’s gender before birth based on their anatomical sex? Currently, there are three recognized sexes: female, male, and intersex. I understand that biology is relevant in the sense that a higher prevalence of testosterone in men and estrogen in women can attribute to stereotypical ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ traits we are commonly told about.

However, society has a greater influence in the way we view these differences as they are capable…

A coiled up rattlesnake bearing its fangs. | ©TheMole

I wrote the following as an Instagram caption years ago to a photo of me smiling and looking especially pretty.

Depression is like a snake that wraps your brain in a hug, only to suffocate it instead.”

If I told you I’m shitty, would you believe me? You probably would, assuming that we’re friends. I mean, in today’s society so much of how we interact is tied to our ability to be open and honest with each other. What else is social media than a constant stream of consciousness, sometimes filtered sometimes not? But that’s the difference, isn’t it? The…

Burning out isn’t just a fancy word for being bored and lazy

It’s the feeling that you trying to wade through quicksand

Or a peculiar orange-billed Pokémon is running in circles inside your brain

Or even more specific — the loss of yourself to the work

The end of you and “it” are merged, blended into one large mess

What was once a spark of interest turns into dread with every step

Yet you trudge on because time never stops —

When does time ever stop?

It’s the weight of anhedonia and exhaustion on your shoulders

The collage of words…

A bee sitting on a flower.

It’d be wrong of me to say

that I don’t like the taste of iron on my tongue

from the bites my teeth keep making

Or the hues of red I find escaping from my cuticles

Every time I pick, whenever it may be

Except at night when its worse

and I no longer have the will to fight it

the moth drawn to the flame, over and over

only except of dying — it’s a never ending cycle

that ends with me, alone in guilt

at how the compulsions won’t stop

and that my ‘insanity’ is more normal

then trying to be sane

Nik Sokol

They are pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology, and have found their voice through writing and art.

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